Brazil Mission 2015 - Amazing!
Fr Dan and Debbie were part of a 7-person team who visited and ministered in CEC churches in October, 2015.  This was our first trip to Brazil, and it was very different from trips we have taken to Africa and Central America.  Please read the newsletter about this trip.

Uganda Mission 2015 - Many Miracles!
Fr Dan and Debbie returned to Uganda with a team of ministers with Archbishop Chuck Jones in March, 2015.  It was our second trip to Uganda.  Although we saw many more miracles than the Uganda trip in 2014, it was also a more difficult trip.  Read all about it in the newsletter for this trip.

Honduras Mission 2014 - First time is a charm!
Fr Dan and Debbie went to Honduras with Paul and Linda Prestridge in November, 2014.  It was our first time to visit Honduras, and the Holy Spirit came with us in power.  Check out the newsletter from that trip.

Africa Mission 2014 - Awesome!
Fr Dan and Debbie were part of a team of 9 people who visited and ministered in Uganda and Tanzania in March, 2014.  It was an awesome trip.  Check out the newsletter from that trip.

Scotland Mission 2011 - A Huge Success!
Fr Dan and Debbie just returned from the 2011 mission trip to Scotland.  Wow!  What an incredible move by the Spirit of God.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support that made this possible.  You now share in the blessings from this trip.  You will enjoy reading about some of the things that God did in Scotland in the newsletter.

Africa Women's Mission 2011 - Successfully completed!
Planned for early June of 2011.  We have a team of 3 women and 2 men planning to go so far.  Follow this link to the newsletter for
Africa Mission 2007