Uganda Mission 2019 - Healing at Revival Conference

Cn Dan, Deborah, and our 18 year old granddaughter, Hannah returned to Rwentobo, Uganda for a revival conference in May, 2019.  We were part of a 13-person team who were tasked with praying for the sick during this 4-day conference.  We saw literally thousands of people healed during the conference.  We also took some time to visit CEC churches in Uganda.  Please read the newsletter about this trip.


Kenya Mission 2018 – Equipping the Saints for Miracles

Cn Dan and Deborah returned to Kenya to minister in many churches in the Kiambu area near Nairobi.  We were able to take with us our 18 year old granddaughter, Hannah, for here first foreign mission trip to Africa.  Instead of praying for miracles and healings, this time, everywhere we went, we taught lay-people to allow the Holy Spirit to move through them to perform miracles and healings.  We watched as hundreds of people were healed at the hands of ordinary people. Please read the newsletter about this trip.


Uganda Mission 2018 – Refugee Camps and a Revival Conference

Cn Dan and Deborah was part of a ministry team that was able to minister in 3 South Sudan refugee camps in northern Uganda.  We then traveled to Rwentobo in southern Uganda where we were the team who prayed for the sick who attended a revival conference.  During this trip, we saw thousands of people healed.  Please read the newsletter about this trip.

Brazil Mission 2015 - Amazing!
Fr Dan and Debbie were part of a 7-person team who visited and ministered in CEC churches in October, 2015.  This was our first trip to Brazil, and it was very different from trips we have taken to Africa and Central America.  Please read the newsletter about this trip.

Uganda Mission 2015 - Many Miracles!
Fr Dan and Debbie returned to Uganda with a team of ministers with Archbishop Chuck Jones in March, 2015.  It was our second trip to Uganda.  Although we saw many more miracles than the Uganda trip in 2014, it was also a more difficult trip.  Read all about it in the newsletter for this trip.