4/2014 -  At home group we prayed for the friend of a parishioner who was in the hospital in another country with a kidney stone that was so large it could not be passed.  It was wrecking her kidney.  So, we all prayed together that the kidney stone would dissolve and her kidney would be healed.  Two days later, this parishioner called to tell us that his friend was completely healed and left the hospital the day after we prayed.  God's Word of healing was sent across the ocean and accomplished what it was sent for.

4/2014 - As we were driving home today from a Healing Conference in Alabama, we called a parishioner to discuss an upcoming wedding. After reviewing wedding plans, she said she was in a desperate place because her back had gone out. So, we began to pray for healing of her back over the phone. After a few minutes, she began to cry out, “Oh, my God. Oh, God, I can’t believe it! Oh, my God.” Then she was crying. We asked what was going on. When she finally regained her composure, she explained that the pain was completely gone and she was completely healed. PTL! Look out, America, here comes the tangible healing power of God that we have been seeing in Africa!

9/7/2013 - Long time since an update.  We are planning Kenya Mission 2013 for November.  Lord willing, we will take a team with us to Kenya to minister, teach and equip the saints.  We will be ministering in churches and in homes as usual, but most of the effort will be concentrated on training seminars where we teach about spiritual gifts, have practicums where the students can learn first- hand about operating in spiritual gifts, then conclude with a healing rally where the students become the primary ministers allowing the Holy Spirit to work miracles at their hands. When we leave Kenya, we will be leaving behind a powerful ministry force for the Kingdom of God.

10/2011 - While Fr Dan and Debbie where in Scotland, a lady who had heard our Charlotte radio program came to a home group meeting and gave her heart to the Lord.  PTL!  She is now coming to home group regularly and seeking the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

9/2011 - about a month ago, at a home group meeting, we prayed for a lady who had diabetes.  She went back home (she does not live in Charlotte) in high hopes of being healed.  We heard back from her today that she has been declared diabetes free by her doctor.  She was amazed and thankful.

8/2011 - this is just one of many healing miracles seen over the last few weeks as we have prayed for people. A man who had just retire was complaining that now that he has retired, he could not do all the work around the house and yard he wants to because he has a bad knee that has been giving him trouble for years. A few weeks after a Messiah prayer team prayed for his knee, we heard from him. He was so excited and was telling us about all the work he was doing since we prayed for him and God healed his knee. What an awesome privilege it is to be used by the Holy Spirit in helping and healing someone.

8/2011 – Well, it happened again! A Kenyan woman who is in the US on a worker visa needed to get something done that required her social security card, but even though she turned the house upside down, she and her family could not find it. She called a minister in our parish who is often on the Prayer Line and asked her to pray. So, she prayed, and the Holy Spirit spoke and said that she would find the card right by the front door when she returns home in the afternoon. Needless to say, as soon as she got home, the card was sitting there on the table by the front door, and she called the lady who prayed for her with excited praises and renewed faith.

7/2011 – Teams of prayer ministers from Messiah have ministered in several churches recently and seen a long list of resulting miracles, including: several folks baptized in the Holy Spirit; instant healing of backs, headaches, stomach problems; healing over time of feet, backs, necks, internal infections; deliverance from demonic oppression; release from chronic condemnation and guilt; peace in the midst of the storm; inner healing in several areas; jobs found and finances restored; demonic attacks stopped; and the list could go on. Praise the Lord! He is moving and moving in tangible, loving ways on behalf of His children! It has been interesting to pray for the same people from month to month because when they come for pray the second time, they start with testimonies of miracles from the month before.

7/2011 - A church ministry team prayed with a young woman who was under a cloud emotionally because of beatings from her ex-husband and the death of a child. The Holy Spirit showed up in a big way during the prayer time revealing important aspects of her inner thoughts and scriptures for her healing. This is how she described what had been happening to her. When she tried to pray or go to a church service, her stomach would get upset and start churning. At night, she was often awakened by the feeling that some evil being was trying to pull her spirit out of her body. There were even times when she felt like a snake was moving under her skin. While the prayer team prayed for her, she sometimes coughed and sometimes wretched like she was going to vomit. The prayer team ministered a combination of inner healing and deliverance. The young woman remarked as the prayer team was leaving that she could see darkness leave her and she felt very light and free. Several days later, she was happy, smiling for the first time in months, and so excited about being free. She testified that she felt like praying all the time now and would just spontaneously burst into worship of the Lord while walking through the house. She was so thankful to God for the work He had started in her. She knew she had been truly made free and was now ready to continue through the process of inner healing to close up the inner wounds she had been caring with her.

7/2011 - Fr Dan and Deborah ministered Inner Healing in a CEC church in Spartanburg, SC.  God was there in a mighty way to open hearts and minds to hurts and traumas that He wanted to heal.  We are looking forward to returning to Spartanburg in early August to see what God has been doing with these lovely people.

6/2011 - Fr Dan and Deborah made a quick trip to Syracuse, NY to help a church member move back to Charlotte.  While there, we met a neighbor who was complaining about stomach pain after each meal.  It was so severe that she had to lay down after each meal.  She was most upset about having the pain after dinner, because instead of playing with the kids and visiting with her husband, she had to sequester herself until nearly bedtime when the pain would finally subside.  We prayed for her in the afternoon and the Lord spoke and told her that she did not have to worry about this pain anymore and that starting this night, she would be free of the pain after meals.  God's Word is always fulfilled!  She called several days later to let us know that she has not had that pain since we prayed.

5/2011 - We have had several opportunities to pray for inner healing recently.  Here are 2 quick examples of how the Holy Spirit likes to guide folks in their inner healing journey.  As we prayed for a college age woman, the Holy Spirit gave her the word "abandoned" and then said that it related to her parents.  She immediately burst into tears and pray and the Lord healed an inner wound.  She later explained that when she started college, her dad took a job in another state and her parents moved away.  She had not before realized it, but she had been hurting and grieving by their move until that night, and the Lord healed her of that hurt.  Another man had been praying the night before we ministered to him and the Lord gave him a single word.  But, he did not know what to make of that word.  As we prayed for him, the Lord revealed to us a picture that then explained to him the meaning of the word.  God does not want us to be ignorant or lacking in wisdom!

4/2011 - A church member suddenly came down with some mysterious condition that caused excruciating pain when he put any weight on his feet.  We had a home group on a Tuesday night and he could not attend because of the pain.  But, everyone at the home group prayed for his healing.  The next morning he called Fr Dan and asked, "Did y'all pray for me last night?"  The answer was, "Of course."  He went on to say, "Last night I had to get up to go to the bath room and was dreading the pain.  When I got about halfway to the bathroom, I realized there was no pain.  God completely healed me!  Thanks for praying for me."

11/2010 - Deborah and Fr Dan had 2 different chances to minister healing this month outside of our normal church services and home group meetings.  In those services they saw several exciting miracles.  Two women were set free from the pain of fibromyalgia – we hope this indicates that they are healed and completely set free from this awful disease.  Several people were healed of back pain and one was healed of knee pain.  One fellow said he had a hernia and was dreading having the surgery done.  While we prayed for him, he said he could feel the hernia healing and the muscle knitting back together.  At least 2 people were set free from severe oppression.  And that is just the folks that got healed and delivered right away.  We believe that many others will receive their miracles like the lepers, as they go.  One of these services was the Miracle Network Healing Rally on November 14.  Plan to come to the healing rally on 12/12/10 and let God work a miracle in your life.

09/2010 - What an incredible experience! Debbie and Fr Dan spent nearly 2 weeks in Scotland on a mission trip to the precious but rare Christian believers of the Dumfries area. Our mission trip to Scotland was a wonderful success. Many were involved in sending us as prayer warriors, financiers, encouragers, etc. Thanks to all for your support, your efforts were greatly rewarded. Scotland is a very dry place spiritually, but there are some really hunger people there who were very anxious to hear the Word of God and to receive everything that God had for them. Several people were baptized in the Holy Spirit, many were healed, and many received Words from the Lord, and lives were changed forever! Please check out the newsletter for all the exciting details.

8/2010 - Three Car healing stories.  One of our guys has a van that started running roughly with the engine light on.  He was running short on cash and did not know how he would get it fixed.  So, he prayed and asked the congregation to pray, too.  Within a day, the engine light went out and the van has worked perfectly ever since.  A lady in the parish was having one of those days where everything was going wrong.  To add insult to injury, as she was driving home, the engine check light came on and the car started running roughly.  She called her husband who called the pastor and all prayed, realizing that demonic activity was at work.  After rebuking Satan in Jesus name, the lady turned the ignition key and the car started right away, without engine check light, and has been running perfectly ever since.  Last story is about a car whose air conditioner died and the family could not afford the $800 repair bill.  They laid hands on the car, prayed over it, and the air conditioner worked perfectly from that day until they gave the car away a few years later to a needy family.

6/2010 – One of our men has 2 cell phones, one for personal use and one for work. Without the work cell phone he cannot work, and he lost his work cell phone on a Saturday. By Sunday he still had not found the phone and asked that we all pray for him to find it before time to go back to work on Monday. Well, as he was driving out of the church parking lot, he rolled down his car window to shout out that he had found it right there in his car where he had looked several times before. Did an angel go get his phone and put it where he could easily find it?

6/5/2010 - Kenya Women's Mission 2010 begins when Grace leaes Charlotte June 6th.

5/2010 – A lady came to visit our parish several months ago. We asked how we could pray for her and she explained that she was barren. She and her husband had wanted to have a baby for 10 years, but she was not capable of becoming pregnant. So, we gathered around her and anointed her oil, prying that God would open her womb. We got a call a few days ago – she is 10 weeks pregnant and as excited as a new mom can be. Praise God! We serve a God who still opens wombs!

4/2010 – one of our young families found themselves in a common predicament – deep in credit card debt. Two years ago they cut up all their credit cards and a year ago attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. They were making progress on their financial plight, but still struggling. A few days ago they decided to call one of their creditors and offer to pay off a $3,400 credit card bill with $2,000. They called Fr Dan for prayer and advice. He said he would pray for unprecedented favor. They called the credit card company with their proposal, and after a few minutes heard that they would settle for $1,975 – less than they had even offered. Now that is favor from God who promises to do for us above and beyond what we can even imagine.

3/2010 - an unusal Men's Prayer Breakfast at the pastor's house resulted in several of the men helping Fr Dan install a new hot water heater.  The original hot water heater was over 25 years old and must have had an angel holding the water in.  The new hot water heater was installed in a slightly different place and the installation is beautiful - far better than the original installation.

2/2010 - a dental miracle?  One of the men of the church went to the dentist to have a filling replaced and ended up, 2.5 hours later, having a root canal on a large molar. As he was leaving the dentist’s office, the dentist caught him and told him to be sure and take some pain medicine before leaving and get a pain prescription filled, because, “You are going to hurt and be really uncomfortable.” So, the patient began to pray and ask others to pray for him. By the time the local anesthetic wore off later in the day, he felt no pain and little discomfort. He never had to take any pain killers and was able to eat on that tooth without any discomfort in a few days. He said, “I wish God worked in healing like this every time we prayed.” And everyone said, “Amen.”

11/2009 – a women in our parish was healed of joint problems after repenting. Here is her story. She was told by her doctor that she might be susceptible to a certain type of cancer and should take a drug as a preventative measure. Out of fear, she began taking the drug right away without seeking God first. After 6 months of taking this drug, she was experiencing debilitating pain in most of her joints. She stopped taking the medication, but, 6 months later was still in constant pain that affected her sleep and every waking hour. She had asked for prayer several times for this condition and several people in the church were interceding and praying for her. Recently, one of our parishioners received a Word of Wisdom from the Holy Spirit for this suffering saint, “Repent for acting in fear and doubt and I will restore your joints.” The lady received this Word immediately and began to heal that same day. She is now pain free in her joints and sleeping and working well. God is willing to do all He can to bring us into the joys of health in His Kingdom.

10/18/09 – First official Sunday Eucharist at the Matthews Community Center starting at 10:00am in room 201 (see Directions/Services for more details). We have prayed for this for a long time. God gave us a prophecy in the summer about moving to a new playground – this is that move. If you have been holding back from worshipping with us because we were meeting in a home, now is your chance to come visit and see what we are like. We will continue to have more intimate, personal home group meetings, but Sunday morning worship will be in a room in the Matthews Community center that will allow us to grow. Bring your friends and family to Sunday morning worship with CEC Messiah in the Matthews Community Center.

9/2009 - Fr Dan has added a blog to give you a peek into his heart.  Check out what he is thinking.

9/2009 - Our radios program, Three Streams Radio, is now being broadcast on both AM at 1240 and FM at 104.3.  Listen every Saturday at 10:30am.

8/2009 – A young woman named Grace, who lives in Virginia, has a very special friend. Her friend is a regular on our Prayer Line, and she told everyone on the prayer line about the throat cancer that had stricken her friend Grace. Grace could not speak at all, and was in intensive care awaiting surgery. Last week, about 2 weeks after the Prayer Line began to prayer for Grace and on the day before she was scheduled for surgery, she startled her doctors by speaking and eventually shouting that she was healed. After a thorough examination, the doctors sent her home, cancer free. If you need a miracle, call the Prayer Line and discover Christians who know how to believe God for miracles!

8/2009 – Another Grace, the Grace who moderates the Prayer Line, was having pain in her wrists and it was getting worse. The pain was especially noticeable when she was driving – so much so that it took two hands to make a turn. Last week, she went to Atlanta to pray for a woman who was very sick. While she prayed for the other woman, she raised her arms and realized that God was not only healing the woman she came to pray for, but God was healing her wrists, too. She laughed and told about how she drove all the way home from Atlanta with one hand! 8/2009 – Lawrence had been having difficulty with his arms. They would swell, tingle, and even occasionally go numb. Early in August, the Lord miraculously healed Lawrence’s arms and they are now completely well. 

8/2009 - The Grace House Fund Raiser was a great success.  There were over 30 people in attendance from all over the eastern United States who worshipped together, ate their fill of wonderfual traditional Kenyan food prepared by Grace Komo and her daughters, and learned about Grace House Rehab Center operating in Kenya.  About $2,000 was raised with pledges for even more.  The picture at the right shows everyone watching a video about Grace House.  Praise God for the ministry of Grace House that is taking men out of bondage to alcohol and drugs and out of the kingdom of darkness and bringing them into the Kingdom of God's Dear Son, Jesus.  Pray for enough money to come in so we can buy a desparately needed van for Grace House and so we can begin to admit women to the program. 

8/2009 - We just got a report that one of the men in Grace House gave his life to Jesus as Lord and Savior this week.  PTL!

8/2009 - The Prayer Line is really taking off with answers to prayers and real miracles.  Grace had 22 people on the Prayer Line last Wednesday.  PTL!

7/2009 - Kevin got the Detective job and goes from graveyard to day shift.

02/2009 - Thomas healed almost instantly of back pain in Sunday Eucharist Service.  Woman instantly healed of crippling arthritis.  Peter healed of painful bone spurs on his spine.  Surgery and pane medicantions were cancelled after 2 days.  Three week old baby instantly healed of broken collar bone and Sunday Eucharist service.