Sunday Eucharist Service
Temporarily suspended to spread a revival of miracles to other churches - see Directions and Service

Home Groups
Our current Home Group is meeting on Tuesday nights beginning at 6:00pm for Bible study and prayer and starting with food for those who can arrive at 6:00pm.  Contact Cn Dan for directions and details.

Global Mission Prayer Network - Hosted by Grace Komo
Call in at 5:00am every morning, at 9:00pm every Thursday, and at 12:00pm every Friday
Call 989-266-8800, no access code required.

3 Streams TV - YoutTube videos

3 Streams Radio - Weekly Radio Broadcast
WHVN, 1240 on the AM Dial at 10:30am every Saturday mor
ning and 3:30pm every Sunday afternoon.
Also simulcast on 104.3 FM.